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shanti shack | vegetarian cantina | juice and smoothies bar | events | williamsburg brooklyn ny

the shanti shack is a seductive house of home style grub that invites you to nestle in for sophisticated departure. tucked into a tiny hutch, our little cantina serves up vegetarian cuisine, elixirs, smoothies and baked delights that illicit intrigue. an irreverent mix of our hand crafted dishes keeps you eating close to nature as we history peasant foods. moment. fresh. daily. captures our aroma as we mysteriously allure for adventure. eat in or take out; our contagious imagination simply escapes with you. to peace you together. shanti = peace. shack = house.

sip. sense. refuge. enchant.... linger. as you voyage back to forward you.

brownie, creator and founder of the shanti shack, shakes a scriptural nod to tribal techniques in her hand crafted menu selections. an alumni of new york city's finest; french culinary institute, the mark hotel and le cirque has set the table for brownie's honed skills. her close relationship as the chef assistant to four star emperor chef, sottha khunn, of le cirque fame has given her tools for refinement. saucy and sexy is stirred into the just plucked harvest as she creates platters that matter.

katie, chief shacker and co-director of the shanti shack, brings her endless well of love to pillar the shack. sandwich artist, devilish baker, elixir concoctor, web gal, right and left hand to all things shack and super smiley face food bar greeter are just some of her extraordinary talents. this graphic girl gone natural gourmet institute to school the plant world now elevates the plankton level of the food chain with our tantalizing signature dishes. you can thank katie for the best grilled cheese sandwich on this planet, vivalicious.

85 north 3rd street
williamsburg, brooklyn, ny 11249

©2008 the shanti shack, inc.
all rights reserved.

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shack hours
monday: closed
tuesday-sunday: 9:30a to 4p
juice bar opens at 9:30a
food bar opens at noon