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shanti shack | vegetarian cantina | juice and smoothies bar | events | williamsburg brooklyn ny

the shanti shack invites you to get loose and liquid with us in our knotty shack rejuicenate program. designed to nourish you luxurious, we stir up the great flush with a one day slurp, two day trip, or three day drink-fest. whether you're seduced to reduce or getting flirty with this dirty, this juicy program moves your groove so you can rebuild your naughty little shack, soil free.

inquire at info@shantishack.com.

1 day, 4 drinks, one soup + salad, one dinner, daily $72
2 days, 4 drinks, one soup + salad, one dinner, daily $144
3 days, 4 drinks, one soup + salad, one dinner, daily $216
4 days, 4 drinks, one soup + salad, one dinner, daily $288
5 days, 4 drinks, one soup + salad, one dinner, daily $360

please place orders a minimum of 24 hours in advance. $30 charge per cleanse order placed less than 24 hours in advance. no exceptions.

all juices to be picked up at the shack.
elixir. a liquid potion that transforms.

each elixir is loaded with earth.

feeling a little knotty?

the cleanse.
ok, so we're about transport! and our knotty shack cleanse is about giving yourself a chance to depart. imagine how your body feels when you go on holiday, all melt right. and then you return back to daily life. sometimes you seize up, sometimes you fade. sometimes you change. the purpose of the knotty shacker cleanse is to give you tools for tranquility so you can re-enter your daily do invigorated, equipped and funneled for change.

so we change it up for you. we take everything about our shack and bottle it up in a picnic. a lot of think goes into each drink so you can voyage back, to forward you.

  • cleansing takes place in hard to reach places
  • rebuilds and refreshes
  • eliminates inside wastes
  • eliminates toxic waste in lymphatic system, bloodstream, spleen, liver and kidneys
  • removes excess mucus from lungs and sinuses
  • removes excess cholesterol
  • breaks down trans-fatty acids and tissue
  • moves out dead, dying or dis-eased cells
  • gives digestive tract a rest
  • increases and improves mental clarity
  • enhances emotional, physical and spiritual sensitivity

healing happens.     inside out.     nourish yourself.

85 north 3rd street
williamsburg, brooklyn, ny 11249

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shack hours
monday: closed
tuesday-sunday: 9:30a to 4p
juice bar opens at 9:30a
food bar opens at noon